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A Comparison of Identity-As-A-Service Subscriptions

One of the best aspects to come out of the exponential growth of ‘As A Service’ based IT services, is the ability for organisations to independently research and compare products before they buy – as you would with a new car or TV.
However, across the Identity-As-A-Service marketplace the ability for an organisation to compare and contrast different IDaaS solutions is limited due to the lack of information provided by the associated vendors. At Atlas Identity we often provide our customers with a detailed assessment of the IDaaS market, covering different aspects ranging from technical capabilities, pricing and support. This insight is then used to kick start the analysis, design and rollout of a new Identity service.

In the below table you will find a snapshot of the research we have carried out on the subscriptions offered by the top 10 IDaaS vendors as defined by Gartner. If your organisation is looking to select an IDaaS, hopefully our findings here will help you get started on the right foot.

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